• "flute dreaming"

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    “My intention as an artist has always been to convey a reality found in illusion.

    The challenge for me is to ‘see’ how colors induce emotion within the human spirit,

    and to bring that to my canvas for the viewer.

    I believe that music is the reformed spirit of the soul;

    it must intercede within the realm of graphic interpretation,

    and is therefore a very important part of my creative process.

    I am quick to see that I am only a student in this veritable plane of inspiration,

    a child from the beginning.”

    Artist Statement Written in 2009 Under a Sycamore Tree

    Flute intro

    On the way through Colorado I was drawn to create a flute intro for some of our presentations.

    "Winter hawk"

    I thought it would be a good idea to play in front of the Little Wolf Capitol Building to raise awareness of the Winter Hawk who brings blessings and changes the seasons. Iron John Blackwolf (son of the former Sacred Hat Keeper) was the audience member and witness. Enjoy!

    Cedar River flute demo

    I just received a cedar river flute in c# made by Guillermo Martinez! Check out the song I have started working on. It will be polished up with more practice.​

    "True freedom"

    This is a song I wrote for the Cheyennes a while back. With Pura Fe's amazing soulful voice and guitar work, I knew it would work out for our first demo. I was using an open source program called audacity. Since it was my first time engineering this kind of arrangement (or any arrangement) it became a bit of work stacking the vocals. I was able to sing and throw in the last guitar lick. It was challenging yet I did it for the Cheyennes. Listen to the lyrics as you watch the video of our awesome beautiful relatives!

    "My people my land"

    A song I wrote with Pura Fe.