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    "Widely known for his stirring depictions of Native American people and landscapes..."

    Discover the masterful and living art of Christopher James Rowland, Ma'heonehoo'estse, Holy Fire Man.

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    "Cheyenne thunder bringer"

    This painting portrays an inevitable period of change throughout the earth 
    Ne Mäheónaméno 
    (The whole earth is our lodge).
    The warrior has earned his way to victory by engaging the enemy head on, thus providing a safe haven for his family and those closest to him.  He sits peacefully in the evening light pondering the future as he envisions a "time of renewal" for the Cheyenne people. The days of war are almost at an end, yet in this moment he remains victorious.

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    American Indian flute

    Sit back and enjoy the compositions as ancient memories are played into music.

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    Fine Art Prints

    Museum quality archival posters and prints 

    starting at $20.

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    American Tribes Project

    The Vision: ATP (American Tribes Project) will provide an expressive arts opportunity for Northern Cheyenne and all Indigenous Youth, instilling empowerment as integral to their success.

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    P.O. Box 151

    Rapid City, SD 57709